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Engine Dynamometers

Water brake, eddy current and AC dynamometers for heavy-duty diesel and gasoline testing applications from 20 through 8,000 HP.

Chassis Dynamometer

Eddy current and water brake chassis dynamometers for dyno testing heavy-duty on and off-highway vehicles.

Transmission Dynamometers

On and off-highway transmission dynamometer test stands, hydraulic test centers and valve body test stands.

Transmission Dynamometers

Systems available for engine and chassis dynamometer testing and transmission and hydraulic component test stands.

Transmission Dynamometers

Custom engineered products to test a wide variety of power transmission equipment and components.

Transmission Dynamometers

We are proud to offer agricultural dynamometers for PTO output, electric motor test systems, and Maxwell chassis dynamometers.

Choose Power Test Dynamometers

Power Test, Inc. is an industry leader in the design, manufacture, and implementation of dynamometers and dyno control systems. Our exceptional product life and dynamometer manufacturing experience has made us an industry leader. Our dedication to you, the customer, and to the advances in engine and vehicle dyno testing keep us there.

Power Test manufactures some of the finest diesel engine and chassis dynamometers available, with water brake, eddy current, and AC regenerative dyno absorber versions available. Whether you are looking for a small engine dyno, an extreme duty diesel engine dynamometer, or a single, tandem, or multi-axle chassis dyno, Power Test can design a system to suit your dynamometer testing needs.

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Dyno ManufacturerIn addition, Power Test is proud to offer AIDCO Test Systems transmission dynamometers, hydraulic test stands, and transmission valve body testers as well as a wide assortment of transmission dyno testing equipment and accessories. Stuska Dynamometers are used for high performance gasoline engine dyno testing including engines typically found in race cars and high performance street applications.

Power Test also manufactures custom and specialty dyno testing products ranging from dynamometers for the agricultural market to continuous-duty endurance systems designed to run 24 hours year round. Our electric motor test stands use a Power Test dynamometer to place a controllable load on motors ranging from 10 through 4,500 horsepower.

Our extensive line of dynamometer accessories include: charge air coolers, fuel measurement systems, and water recirculation systems for engine dyno and chassis dyno applications, a variety of kits and adapters for engine, chassis, and transmissions dynos, and data acquisition and control systems for virtually every type of dyno. All Power Test products can be equipped with our PowerNet data acquisition and dynamometer control systems. These non-proprietary, PC-based controls feature a Windows-based operating system and provide accurate, consistent, and automated dyno testing.

Dynamometer Manufacturer Power Test also offers complete in-house manufacturing and fabrication services. As a result, we are able to rapidly prototype new products and create customized dynamometers for individual needs. Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to address the needs of any customer and enables us to control manufacturing costs, assure on-time deliveries, and be directly responsible for a high level of quality.

Our services and products extend beyond our nearly 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility.  From dynamometer testing facility planning and concept design to dyno installation and on-site training of all products, Power Test has a solution to your dynamometer testing needs. Whether you are dealing with new dyno installation or looking to repair, upgrade or replace an existing dynamometer, Power Test is your single-source dynamometer manufacturer.

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