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Transmission and Hydraulic Component Test Stand - 900C-Series

The AIDCO 900C has been designed with your testing needs in mind. Based on the proven AIDCO 900-Series Transmission and Hydraulic Test Stands, the 900C utilizes the same adapters and test procedures as the 1U9400.

Available with a wide range of kits and adapters for testing CAT®-specific heavy-duty off-road powertrain components, the 900C features the most advanced technology on the hydraulic test equipment market today.

When combined with the unsurpassed customer support and parts availability of AIDCO Test Systems and Power Test, Inc., the 900C is the industry standard for testing Caterpillar® transmissions, torque converters, gear pumps, vane pumps, hydrostatic pumps and hydraulic motors, cylinders, and valves.


  • A Closed-loop hydrostatic drive system
    ensures isolation from contamination.
  • 300, 400 or 450 HP options available.
  • Soft Start System provides a smooth,
    stepless, reduced-voltage acceleration of
    the main motor.
  • Includes driveshaft, drive shaft guard, and
    an adapter plate for connecting drive shaft
    yoke to the test stand’s main drive adapter
    and mounting hardware.


  • Drive speed is controlled from a single
    potentiometer for simplified operator control.
  • Equipped with (5) five flow loops: Main
    (Aux) Flow, Supercharge Flow, Lube Flow,
    Pilot Flow and High Pressure Flow.
  • Sixteen pressure taps in conjunction
    with liquid-filled pressure gauges monitor
    pressures within the component under test.

Perform all of the following tests:

Hydraulic Testing Equipment Components:
  • Gear Pumps
  • Vane Pumps
  • Hydrostatic Pumps
  • Motors
  • Cylinders
  • Valves
  • Check and set shift points (automatic)
  • Full and closed throttle upshift and downshift test (loaded or unloaded)
  • Downshift inhibitor test
  • Measure output torque
  • Locate shaft seal leaks
  • Identify clutch leakage
  • Check noise/vibration
  • Detect mechanical binding
  • Check main, clutch and converter pressure
  • Monitor converter flow and temperature