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40" Large Roll Chassis Dynamometer - CF42

40 Inch Large Roll Chassis Dynamometer

truck dyno

, semi-truck dyno, and heavy equipment dyno featuring larger rolls, heavier construction, greater operating speeds, higher load capacities, and an easy-to-use handheld control, the CF42 chassis dynamometer provides the ultimate in reliable and repeatable test equipment. The CF42's dynamically balanced 40-inch roll sets allow higher top speed, increased traction, and minimize tire heat during an extended truck dyno test.

These truck dynos do not utilize gearboxes or drive shafts, and feature oversize bearings with taper lock collars, a precision ground structural steel frame with removable frame members to allow easy access for servicing, and centralized lubrication all combine to provide a reliable, durable truck dynamometer.

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40 Inch Large Roll Chassis Dyno


  • Max. Vehicle Wt.: 60,000 lbs. total (27,223kg) - 30,000 lbs/axle (13,611kg)
  • Max. Vehicle Speed: 120 mph (194kph)
  • Max. Power Absorption: 1,100 HP total (827kw) - 550 hp/axle (412kw)
  • Axle Spread: 48" (122cm) to 78" (198cm)
  • Estimated Net Weight: 18,000 lbs. (8166kg)
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Chassis Dynamometer Test Cell


Power Test manufactures and supplies a wide variety of vehicle testing components, ranging from fuel measurement and room exhaust systems to water recirculation systems and data acquisition and automated control. The above illustration provides an example of what is typically found in an chassis dynamometer test cell.

Visit our accessories page to view the latest in chassis dynamometer components. For more information about our PowerNet series of data acquisition and control systems, visit our data acquisition page.