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Engine Dynamometers

Power Test Engine Dyno

The Power Test water brake engine dynamometer is designed for testing a wide range of equipment with one unit. Our engine dynamometers are designed, manufactured, sold and supported by an experienced group of engineering, manufacturing, sales and customer service personnel. Our engine dynamometers are the solution for your engine dyno test needs of today as well for years to come.

Numerous types of engine dynamometers may be purchased from Power Test, including water brake, AC regenerative, and eddy current engine dynos.

H36-Series Water Brake Engine Dynamometer

Water Brake Engine Dynamometer - H36-Series - Up to 8000 HP (5966kW)

The H36-Series engine dynamometer is specifically designed to handle the high torque output of diesel engines found in the mining, power generation, and marine propulsion industries.

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X Series Water Brake Dyno

Water Brake Dyno - X-Series - Up to 4500 HP (3356kW)

Our X-Series stationary water brake engine dynamometer excels at testing wide ranges of power inputs with one engine dynamometer. Each of these fixed base engine dynos may be used for continuous duty power verification, quality assurance, engine development, and endurance and certification tests.

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Complete Engine Dyno Systems

Complete Engine Dyno Systems

In addition to our reliable high-performance water brakes, Power Test offers a wide selection of pre-configured and custom-built systems for performing an engine dyno test.

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EC-250 Eddy Current Dyno

Eddy Current Engine Dynamometer - EC-Series

Featuring air-cooled eddy current absorbers, the EC-Series engine dynamometer is specifically designed for small displacement diesel engines.

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Z-Series Portable Dyno

Portable Dyno - Z-Series

The portable Z-Series water brake dynamometer is an efficient way to test a variety of high-rpm diesel and gasoline engines in facilities where space for an engine dyno is limited.

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