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Transmission and Hydraulic Component Test Stand - 900-Series

900-Series Transmission and Hydraulic Component Test Stand
A versatile test stand designed for testing heavy-duty off-highway hydraulic components, the AIDCO Model 900 Hydraulic Test Stand features some of the most advanced technology on the

hydraulic test equipment

market today. A hydraulic test bench designed for hydrostatic transmission testing as well as complete hydraulic pump, motor, and cylinder testing, the 900 is the ultimate in hydraulic test equipment.

The Model 900 hydraulic test stands provide a durable and reliable platform for performance testing transmissions, torque converters, gear pumps, vane pumps, hydrostatic pumps and hydraulic motors, cylinders, and valves.

Performance testing results in reduced operating costs due to rebuilding error and possibility of critical failure in the field. With the right hydraulic testing equipment, dealers can realize more profitable maintenance contracts and increased customer satisfaction. Additionally, the Model 900 hydraulic test stand features an independent closed loop hydrostatic drive for a contamination free drive system, independent constant display digital instrumentation for easy readability, and industrial grade glycerin filled pressure gauges.

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900-Series Transmission and Hydraulic Component Test Stand

Perform all of the following tests:

  • Hydraulic Testing Equipment Components:
  • - Gear Pumps
  • - Vane Pumps
  • - Hydrostatic Pumps
  • - Motors
  • - Cylinders
  • - Valves
  • Transmissions:
  • - Check and set shift points (automatic)
  • - Full and closed throttle upshift and downshift test (loaded or unloaded)
  • - Downshift inhibitor test
  • - Measure output torque
  • - Locate shaft seal leaks
  • - Identify clutch leakage
  • - Check noise/vibration
  • - Detect mechanical binding
  • - Check main, clutch and converter pressure
  • - Monitor converter flow and temperature
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AIDCO Test Systems can provide a variety of options to increase the testing capabilities of the 900-Series transmission and hydraulic component test center, ranging from filtration systems and in-line transmission adapters to extended height load unit assemblies and data acquisition and automated control.

Visit our accessories page to view the latest in transmission and hydraulic component testing products. For more information about our PowerNet series of data acquisition and control systems, visit our data acquisition page.